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  • Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
    Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
  • Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
    Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
  • Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
    Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
  • Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK
    Photo: Therese Andersson @ BLICK


Neon lit nightmares

From reservoirs of darkness and neon lit nightmares rises Finnish five-piece LAMORI. Their sound is defined by uniting gothic metal with dark wave, modern rock and everything in between.

Horror movies and old romanticism

With Lyrics inspired by cult horror movie maestros and old romanticism, the band furthermore finalize their macabre elegance. Musical inspiration is taken from bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, The Doors, The 69 Eyes and early HIM.

Music from the Aland Islands

Founded in 2009 on the Aland Islands, an autonomous region in Finland. LAMORI are Matias - Vocals, Marcus - Guitar, Mikael - Bass, Jens - Keys, Emanuel - Drums. The band self-released their first album Deadly Desires in 2013. After penning a deal with record label Wormholedeath a year later, they released their first major album To Die Once Again in 2016.

Neo Noir - the new black

The third album NEO NOIR was released on 31st of January 2020. Four singles with accompanying music videos were released prior to the album. The single An Angel by Your Side receive most praise, reaching over 380.000 views on YouTube in only one month.


You can buy, listen, download, and stream our music through these sites:



CANCELLED: Pub Grönan (Hanko, FIN)

To event remaining 6 days

CANCELLED: Bar Taikurin Hattu (Helsinki, FIN)

To event remaining 7 days

CANCELLED: Haukka Music Bar (Kotka, FIN)

To event remaining 8 days

Exit Festival / EXIT 2.0 (Novi Sad, Serbia) - DATE T.B.A!!

To event remaining 98 days

Past gigs

17.11.2018 - LOHJA, Rock 'n Roll Bar (+ Ode In Black)
03.11.2018 - VILNIUS, nArauti (+ Green Walls + Everlust)
02.11.2018 - RIGA, Republika (+ ANIMAE SILENTES)
Neo Noir - out now!

Neo Noir - out now!

LAMORIs latest album "Neo Noir" is available now!
Buy your copy today or stream the entire album on Spotify.

Dark Easter Mini Tour

CANCELLED: Dark Easter Mini Tour

We regret to inform you, that because of the current situation on our planet, the Dark Easter Mini Tour 2020 is now cancelled.

Stay safe and take care of each other, we will inform you of any changes regarding the tour in the future.

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LAMORI on Instagram

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